Using Fibonacci sequences in knitting or weaving patterns.

Mathematics is all about spotting patterns, finding the underlying logic in the seemingly random and chaotic world around us; and using this information to predict future behaviour. Traditionally maths has been used to make predictions about inanimate objects, like the orbit of planets or the weather. But as Stephen Baker explains in The Numerati, mathematicians are increasingly turning their attention to human behaviour.

What if those strings of numbers are records of the things you've bought, places you've travelled to, websites you've visited, parties you've voted for? Fibonacci sequences? Find the pattern in the numbers and mathematicians will be able to predict, with surprising accuracy - what your next move will be. The 'numerati' is the name Baker gives to the group of latterday fortune-tellers whose job it is to decode our behaviour. His book explores the lives of such people and attempts to analyze how powerful they have become.

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