This article presents a couple of ways crystals can be used to augment energy healing, also known as therapeutic touch or healing touch. In all energy healing work, the healing can be instantaneous if the healer is connected to truth and the recipient is receptive. It's important to remember that the healer is simply a channel for pure positive energy.

The patient is the one who is responsible for accepting the healing. As a healer, it's wise to remember that when we spiritually ask for aid in helping another in any way, we immediately summon great help from Spirit. When we forget who we are and begin to focus on the negative or that which is unwanted, we create imbalances in our energy fields that can lead to dis-ease.

The key to rebalancing the energy field is to focus not at all on what is not wanted the ailment, but to visualize only what is wanted perfect health with positive expectancy. Finally, there are no hard rules for energy healing. It's an intuitive and inspired process. Trust that if you set a high intention, all you have to do is allow magic to happen! A simple crystal healing is to place crystals of the appropriate color and energy at corresponding chakra points. This will cleanse and energize the chakras.

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