There are kinds of entertainment places you can visit to watching the shows such the stadium, theatre or another art’s building. There you can enjoy the live music, opera, film, and such others. So, which entertainment place’s people favorite? There are many opinions comes difference for each people, but for me, I’d like to choose movie theater as my favorite place. Because of it has cheap price, comfort to visit, and I can go there whenever I want and free to choose which the good films that right for me.

You know, beside offered fun and entertainment’s show, same with another art’s building, movie theaters also benefit to build human social community. Someone who’s gathering with friends have a good place used for their fun in there. What they want to do is just choose the right movie.
The one of good movie you can see in this time, no doubt, it’s a Batman, The Dark Knight. Yes, the new series of Batman movies was comes on July 18, 2008. That’s the time of The Dark Knight showtimes. In this movie Batman will show you his heroism to save Gotham City from the organize crime. Batman (Christian Balle) still uses the highest human acrobatic skill, the art of fighting, and surely the high technology weapons.

So, what do you think? Watching the favorite super hero showed the best action on the movie together with your friends.

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