As you read and ponder these words, ask yourself just how relevant they are in your life at this time. Not in a general way but in a very defined specific detailed tabloid of personal information just for you. You are ready. You are ready. You are ready to exhibit the truth found within. You are ready to de-ass the gripes and worries that have so easily beset you.

Since YOU are in the middle of "Fun", MODE of Cosmic Therapy offers a variety of different delightful forms of soul entertainment. Various esoteric works are presented for your banquet feast. Learning(remembering) how to be effectually YOU in fullness and repose will require the conscious ingestion, assimilation and digestion of your relentless sensual sexual divine energy at all times without feeling guilty or selfish. Most often times, human beings don't know how to engage in sheer unutterable pleasure without experiencing the pangs of regret. Forget regret and remorse. Leave the bigoted traitors on the doorstep of the house of boredom/despair. Come follow the living light of exalted human life gratification.

Take these words into your heart of hearts and experience the fullness of love in you through them. IF they do not resonate with you, toss them aside! You are on a splendid journey of self-endearment Express, Experience, Experiment, Evolve, Explode, Evoke and Enrapture the myriad of synchronicities unfolding right before your reverent eyes and ears. Feel it erotically! God is the sublime omnificent creative sacred sexual spiraling sensual development in perpetual motion in you! Revel in enjoyment of MODE of Cosmic Therapy!

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