creative sexual fulfillmentYou are embarking upon a place whereby you will seem to be in engulfed in a state of perpetual confused chaos but at the same time are remarkably at peace (rest). The mind-altering experience will bring to you a unified totality in being as you've never experienced up until this point. Pack your bags and board the train of creative sexual fulfillment! Self-assurance will soar! Waning self-confidence will be a thing of the past in as much as the natural state of your solidified contentment will far exceed any sense of lack in self-confidence you thought you needed.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy reinforces something so solid, so stable, so 'natural and convenient' in/to you, you find within yourself an uproarious laughter of pure unadulterated ecstasy. Breathe. Breathe in the essence of all that you are. In the compositions found on this blog, you will discover a sense of resounding magical familiarity to the words you'll easily ponder in your heart, even though you've never read them before in just this way. ... "The truth will bear witness to itself"... (Paraphrased)

How many times have you asked for signs, symbols, omens, visitations, and validations, something...anything that would steer you into the truth in/of/for yourself? Now, you have arrived-though it may appear you are reading words on the outside of yourself, you are, in fact, reading what is written upon the walls of your own heart. How can this be so? Because everything and I do mean EVERYTHING is connected. Nothing is separate and apart. All things reveal to you what you need to hear, see, feel and experience all the time. No exceptions.

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