As practicioner use of crystal, always remember that treatments will do one or a combination of the following:
  • Clearing blocked and negative energy
  • Instilling and Balancing replacing the negative energy with positive vibrations and strengthening and building chakra energy
  • Expanding awareness and spiritual development.

To practice technique for clearing, a 6 crystal points and a generator is needed.
  • Locate a crystal above the crown pointing upwards.
  • Place one crystal on the outside of each knee. You are forming a triangle with the crown crystal.
  • Now Place one crystal between the feet pointing upwards, lining it up with the crown crystal.
  • Locate the two remaining crystals at the side of the elbows. This forms a triangle with the crystal at the feet. You have formed a six-pointed star.
  • Link the energies of the crystals together holding the generator crystal in both hands with its point facing to the ground.
  • Starting at the crown, walk slowly to your right direction, making a circle of energy around the body, creating an auric seal.
  • Pass the generator five more times over the crystals, then put the generator to one side.
  • Let your partner remain in this position for several minutes.
  • Have them to slowly come back to the room and open their eyes.
  • When ready, ask them for any reactions. Did they feel any difference in the new energy?
To keep you crystal still glare and got the treatment ability, you should cleanse your crystal periodically.

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