Daisy is an employee in the one of Technology and Telecommunication Company. Around her birthday, she went to go out of the town for several days, to do her office jobs, leaving her husband, Albert alone in their house. When coming home, Daisy was very startled to find in her bedroom being full of flower sowing. On the wardrobe behind their bed, Daisy also saw one big vase contained her favorite flowers, rose. Totaling number of roses in the vas was the same number with her ages in that day.

When she knew that Albert, her husband is the person who decorated this room during all day long, Daisy embraced her husband with very tight straightly.

Indeed be heard cliché, but in the fact, woman always liked when being given a bunch of the pretty flower with the romantic words inscribed at the card as gift. For woman, they believe that the man effort to buy the flowers as a gift showed that woman who was given by these flowers it was special. That’s why flowers are the perfect mother's day gifts for woman, or even in many moments flowers will show more than words can say.

Please bear in your mind, the election of kinds and colors of flowers will become so influential towards to the impression that you want to be conveyed. The red rose would really perfect to represent the feeling of your love that was seething. The flower that has white as the color will represent of the sincere love.

Because of that, the good flowers seller will ask you first, what impression that you want to deliver could exactly uttered through this flowers.

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