Since online internet technology was found, Google being the one giant’s company that influences in World Wide Web industry. Even for last several years Google strongest more in almost all of products that their provided. This company has a system called Page Rank. Page Rank or popular known as PR was the price present’s system to show how good the one of the site has a value. Page Rank used number 0 to 10 to show the site rank, more high the number means the site is better.

Another good Google’s product is their free blog’s offers names Blogspot. Blogspot or Blogger was coloring the new style of website world by give people easy to build his own site in internet. It was easy to maintaining, personalizing, customizing, or even it could be use to make money.

And the one biggest internet influence of Google services absolutely their search engine. Google search engine was the most people aim when they try to find any information they want in internet. So, by those reason means Google was showed in most people online internet browsing desktop. Surely by make unique appearance of Google search could be very excited.

Fortunately by use groovle service, you can easy to Personalize Google in your home page. Besides you’ll also available to put your own pictures, celebrity photos, or any images you want. Sound’s great right? So visit and find useful more.

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