Feng Shui is but one factor to consider when planning housing development. Feng Shui is needed for a harmonious living condition and aims to identify the ideal natural environment to harness and gather "Sheng Chi" (living energy) and predict the fortunes of inhabitants of the environment. The conflicting forces in the surrounding environment always have greater impact on us and influence our health and happiness.

Unlike what many people may think that Feng Shui offer technique for a single building at a certain lot. A neighborhood, an environment, and even a city is possible to look at Feng Shui for planning and design. A well balanced and harmonious housing environment is possible to be created by calculating Feng Shui in its master plan.

The following pointers are guidance for environment that guarantees health, wealth, and happiness of inhabitants of a housing environment. Planning a housing environment for a good Feng Shui should consider five factors: 'long' which means the region; 'sha' which means the external environment; 'shui' which means the climate and atmosphere; 'xiang' which means directions; and 'xue' which means location. All these five factors work together and should be carefully considered when planning the housing complex.

For most housing developers, the first thing to consider is the location of their projects. Location determines the market value in business. However in Feng Shui, location of a housing environment should guarantee the existence and accumulation of 'Chi' (living energy, the dragon breath) liable for the art of placement the building lay-out.

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