Spells of Wewe Putih

This spells names Wewe Putih, in English means "White Ghost". Spells of The White Ghost usually was used on the old war, where were fighting “often” between one against several. This time this spells still used at the east especially in Indonesia where this spells came from, by many person that still believed.

The man who used this spells will got the power of White Ghost that can say “couldn’t be loose” because their enemy couldn’t follow their very very speed moving.

For having this spells, you must followed this ritual:

Ritual of Ngebleng as 7 days – 7 nights using white blanket or cloth as covered
Ritual started at Tuesday Kliwon. See: Calendar

Spoken this spells below when started of war/fight or on the danger situation.

Ingsun amatak Ajiku si Wewe Putih
Wewe putih gendongen aku
kudungono mego mendung cat tan katon
Wong sewu podho lamur
Pitos tan ono weruh kersaning Allah

In English:
I spoke my spells of the White Ghost
White Ghost put me on your back
Covered me with the clouds that can see
Thousand people going the blind eyes
Pitos that exist because the will of God

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