Project JAW is the biggest of them all; it covers all thirty-two floors and is older than any of the others. Here, it's time for you to use your card for the first time... these are the lifts for personnel. Over to the right are the lifts for planes, equipment and UFOs.'

The crashed UFO from Roswell?'

Lieutenant Colonel Grey laughed. Everybody talks about Roswell. In 1952, over ten UFOs practically landed on the White House lawn. They were seen by Democrats, Republicans, police officers, ordinary people, radar towers, the Air Force, the Army, and the Secret Service. The Air Force sent interceptors to chase them out of the sky and every time they got in range, the UFOs would pull a couple of out-of-this-world manoeuvres and disappear.

As soon as the interceptors would land, they'd reappear. The interceptors would take off again and as soon as they got in range, they would pull the same manoeuvres and vanish into thin air again. This happened over and over again for a couple of days. Yet everyone always talks about Roswell and one UFO that may or may not have crashed.'

So if it wasn't Roswell, where did we get the UFOs from?'

Like I said, let's take it one step at a time; you have a lot to catch up on. Let me take you to your quarters and show you the canteen.'

Six hours later, Major Stone had been given a quick tour of three floors of area 51. He looked bewildered at what he had seen and had been told. He sat on his bed and looked at the massive pile of files on his computer; he knew it was going to be a long night, Lieutenant Colonel Grey was right... nothing could prepare me for what I now know,' he thought to himself. He quickly ran to the toilet and was sick for a second time.

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