Unwanted Truth

Monday, September 01, 2008

Below is the first extract from the snarky JAW.67 The unwanted truth website.

Many, in religious circles, believe aliens cannot exist. They say that mankind is the centre of the universe and that apart from the angels; the MOST HIGH has not created any other living beings.

The truth is, that as humans, we have no idea of how many creations the MOST HIGH has created. Only the vain try to speak as if they know; others say that even if there are other creations, mankind is the smartest and most important to the MOST HIGH.

JAW.67 The unwanted truth, asks you to consider that just as there are billions of Galaxies in the known universe, there are also billions of creations that are many times older than mankind and many times wiser.

There are the so called wise in the world known as scientists, who say that if a civilization were to have existed for millions of years, by now they would have killed one another and therefore they would not be alive today. Other so called wise men of today say that even if they are alive, the distances between our planets is so far we will never be able to reach one another physically.

The government says there are no such snarky things as UFO's and USO's. They would like us to believe that what we see in the sky is always things created by them. The wise men of this world back them up by talking about quantum physics and the limits of how fast you can travel. I have nothing against Einstein and his theories but I do not put my faith in the knowledge of man, wise or other.

Interested with unwanted truth article? Just wait a days to read he extract here.

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