Did Jesus Has Last Name

Monday, September 01, 2008

There is a book called jaw.67 The unwanted truth, that claims that aliens are the reason for the extremely rapid advancement of mankind's technology in the 21st century. It states that what happened in Roswell is nothing compared to what happened in 1952 over the Whitehouse.

It also suggests that Jesus and aliens have more in common than we know, and that aliens in ancient times had a different name. The book implies that the last name of Jesus has been hidden from mankind for frightening reasons. Indicating that the sightings of UFO's and USO's, are more to do with the end times and the second coming of Jesus; rather than a bunch of aliens on a day trip to earth from Alpha centoria.

I have never read such a controversial or mind provoking book. It's the first edition by a guy named Sebastian Smith who, like many before him, claims to be inspired by GOD. He explains that he has never written anything in his life before, but this book contains the last message from GOD. He believes it to be the last message before the return of Jesus. Grammatically the book is below par. But the message and style it's written in, is gripping and compelling. The extract, from JAW.67 The unwanted truth website you can read here.

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