Intuition is one of the most useful psychic abilities in my opinion. Sometimes you know who is calling on the telephone before answering, it is intuitive. A useful exercise to practice is to try to guess every time who might be calling. A similar exercise is to occasionally stop what you are doing, and try to divine the time at that moment. Your personal intuitive clock will surprise you.

When you enter a room full of people, you may feel the uncomfortable gaze of someone. This is a reaction to their psychic ability, and may serve as a warning to you that you may wish to avoid them. Just as animals sense danger, we have a psychic defense mechanism that we should pay attention to. The same applies to the feeling of attraction towards someone, there may be a good reason to engage in conversation.

A good student of psychic study will learn to listen closely to that "inner voice" that is always telling us what we should do. Call it your conscience, or whatever you wish; it is your means of listening to your intuitive nature. From a spiritual viewpoint, all talents bestowed upon man are gifts from God, and it could just be that His most important communications originate through that same means of communication

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