Why Pagan Use Symbol

Monday, November 10, 2008

In the last century the knowledge of the world has exploded; but before that it was possible for a learned person to know all there is to know. Before science was a science men believed that there were four elements air, earth, water, and fire. Today the symbols used to indicate these four elements are thought to be pagan symbols. These four element symbols are used today by those people who practice Wicca.

Other symbols widely used today that are of pagan origin include the dagger which is a symbol for the male. The cup or chalice represents the feminine. The five pointed star has been used for numerous connotations; for the Wicca the star signifies an integration of the body and spirit to become one.

For centuries people have tried to tie members of Wicca to witchcraft and not is a favorable manner. As a result, the picture of a wicked old crone wearing a pointed hat and riding a broom seen at Halloween is the image often portrayed as the witch. The broom symbol is used in Wicca, but not as a mode of transportation or any other negative connotation; but as a symbol for cleanliness as in sweeping away the bad things to cleanse the body and spirit.

No symbol is exclusive to any one group or people. What means one thing - good or bad - to one group can mean its exact opposite to another group of people. There is no such thing as a pagan symbol. There are; however, symbols that are used by various groups of people who participate in what are called pagan rituals.

For example, the symbol ^ means one thing to an editor. It is also used to indicate rank on military uniforms, and it is the symbol for male in some pagan groups. Obviously the military is not a bunch of pagans looking to cast evil spells and pillage the town. Symbols like beauty are in the eye of the beholder.

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