The Symbol

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Back in the days when the world was young, various beliefs had absolutely nothing to do with religion and everything to do with superstition. And with the exception of the Jews everyone was a pagan. Each society had their own names for their gods and goddesses - those who they believed ruled various aspects of life.

For those people nothing occurred without the gods having a hand in it. If there was a drought then the god or goddess who ruled the rain must be angry at you for some reason. If you had a baby then the god or goddess of live and fertility was pleased with you. Many animals were sacrificed in the name of the gods.

While the world today is a much more enlightened place there are still groups of people who cling to the old way. Long forgotten are the Druids, Norse gods, and the mythology of Egypt, Greece, and Rome; except for brief studies in a classroom that are soon forgotten.

But in some ways the old way have never left us. People still fear that which they do not understand. The ancient ways of the Wicca who worship the goddess of Mother Nature have often been persecuted and are always misunderstood. All too frequently the terms pagan, witch, and Wicca are thought to be interchangeable. This is not so. But the old ways die hard, if at all.

The 12 signs and symbols of the zodiac all stem from pagan symbols. Thought by some as devil worship or pagan, millions of people simply cannot start the day without first having read their horoscope in the paper.

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