aloah va daath

This Gnostic mantra is an extremely powerful mantra that works subtly on the causal plane, the plane of the soul, in order to align it with the mechanisms of the physical realm. It awakens the soul to action. I have found it most effective when it is shouted out into the ether as if it was a clarion call for action.

ta ya ta om be kan ze be kan ze ma ha be kan ze rad za sa mud ga te so ha

This is a very powerful Tibetan mantra used in what is known as the Medicine Buddha Empowerment. Try to commit this one to memory so you are not reading it, and when you recite it, visualize a radiant image of Buddha in your mind slightly above your body. Emanating from its third eye is a mindstream of clear white light that enters you through your crown chakra and descends filling all aspects of your being. The light is a profound healing force that is in turn not to be horded but to be distributed among all sentient beings, for the glory and emancipation of all.

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