It shows ignorance to jump on the name calling band wagon and start pulling the trigger at any religion you don't know the first thing about. The word "Cult" is way overused the truth is not many seem to know the definition. It does not mean any religion besides what you believe. Its over used like the word "Christian." Who really is a Christian? A follower of Christ.

What really is a cult?

A CULT is, to be short and to the point, a group of people (or a sect) that have an obsessive devotion to one person or thing, or principle. That involves a system of ritualistic worshiping.

With that information you can research different religions to see if they show idol worship to a certain person or thing or idea. Does it involve any ritualistic worshiping. Ritualistic means its something they do over and over again, a repeated procedure. Like repeating the same words. The best way to find out the truth about anything is to do the research yourself.

There are way to many made up beliefs and personal theory's and a large majority are not based on fact. You really can't believe anything you hear, even if it sounds really smart.

Look in the encyclopedia. Get some non-bias reading material on religions and then you can make your own decision on what a cult is, you might be very surprised what you find.

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