The New Age derives its belief in the inherent divinity of man that forms the divinity of all things. New Age says, "The Christ is not God, he is not coming as God. He is an embodiment of an aspect of God, the love aspect of God ."

In our modern days, these died hard Christian heretics are still very active among us. Pastor Edward Irving who started the New Apostolic Church and later Hermann Niehaus started to teach in 1890 that the work of the present day disciples is more important than that of the Biblical Apostles.

Lafayette Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, claims his teachings as an "applied religious philosophy" and be a "church". They advocate gods, deny Christ, self attain salvation, and hell is a myth created by man to deter evil doing.

Spiritists repeatedly attempt to prove that the Bible endorses Spiritism. They cite Biblical characters including the apostles and our Lord Himself as mediums and encourage such practice.

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