False teaching or cult is not a new phenomenon in our church today. It is as old as the church history itself. We can read about them throughout the Bible. Jesus himself warns to watch out for the false prophets in Mt. 7:15. Paul pointed out to the Corinthians that such men are false apostles, masquerading as apostles of Christ. John too recognized them as wicked man who claim to be apostles but are not in Rev. 2:2.

In the second century Christianity, we had the Gnostic teaching that were bred up within the church. Gnostic Christian systematically distorted the Biblical teaching to the point that the ultimate God is not the creator of this cosmos.

Marcion Christianity came later and developed a Christian faith of two Gods system. He saw God in the Old Testament as harsh, inconsistent, and even tyrannical. But God in the New Testament is a God of love and mercy. Marcion's teaching that combined with Gnosticism had created "Montanism". Montanus, a converted Christian, proclaimed to his fellow believers that he was a prophet and the mouthpiece of God

Children of God twisted God's Agape (pure) love to mean all kinds of other lustful loves. David Burk, the founder of Children of God, came up with a technique to witness Christ and win soul by Flirting Fishing. God so loved the world and gave his body to die for the world, so Christian should do the same to offer love and the body to win faith.

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