Most of us at one time or another has wanted to look more beautiful. However, the definition of beauty varies around the world. Depending on the race, country, hemisphere, weather, and many other criteria, being more beautiful may mean looking darker, whiter, rounder, skinnier, with large eyes, with smaller eyes, with large nose, smaller nose, etc.

You get the idea. Beauty means a lot of different things to people all over the world.

Glamour magick consists of spells that witches use to temporarily appear more "glamorous" or beautiful. Remember that physical appearance is not easy to change. Most of us are the way we are because of our genes and our habits. By changing our habits, we may be able to change some of our characteristics.

However we can create an illusion of change such as wearing makeup around the eyes to make it larger and more pronounced.

Glamour magick enables us to temporarily change our view of ourselves. Or may be even to change other's perception of our beauty. Remember that inner beauty is more important for a successful life than external beauty as the wise people insist on the truth that "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". Moonbeams bath spell One of the most sacred and popular among the ancient Romany spells is the Moonbeams Bath Spell. The Moon Goddess is perceived as the giver of Magick as well as Feminine power.

Moonbeams are charged with energy and when they fall on our periphery, they charge us with amazing beauty and strength. On a full moon day, stand naked inside your room or outside if you can do so privately. The moonbeams should come through the window if you are in a room. Move around and allow the moonbeams to enter you and enhance your beauty with their powers.

Visualize your dreams coming true. Whatever you need, thick tresses, beautiful eyes, full lips, weight loss, weight gain, etc, remember that nothing can faze the Moon Goddess. Be descriptive in your explanation and thank the Moon Goddess for guiding you and for making your dreams come true.

Offer her some wine from a chalice as libation. You may throw some cookies and a kiss to the Goddess as you complete the spell. Crown of Glory spell This spell is effective if you think that your hair is thin and wispy. For this spell, you need an onion, a shot of vodka and 1 tablespoon of honey. On a new moon day, while you sit in a warm bath with the smell of herbs in the air, mix the concoction of Onion juice, vodka and honey together.

While you sit in the bath, slowly massage your scalp with this liquid. Chant: "My hair grows as the Moon grows". Leave the mixture on your head for about thirty minutes and then wash it off with shampoo. Repeat on every new Moon day until you are happy with the results.

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