Stop, stopping yourself from receiving.

Yes that does sound a bit strange, I mean why would anyone purposefully stop themselves from receiving something they desired? Have a little think on this scenario:

A young child is asking for directions from a policeman:

"Excuse me officer, would you mind giving me directions to xyz building?, please, would you mind, can you, can you, please, please could you, where is it, please..."

What is happening here is that there is no shortage of asking but unless the child keeps quiet and allows the officer to respond then they are not going to get an answer, ever! Then they may very well get disheartened turn around, walk away and of course miss the answer that the officer was willing to give at any time!

So, you may well be asking for your desires but are you allowing the universe to communicate back with you and giving it a chance to respond to you. It may come in very subtle ways, a line in a poem, a comment from a friend, an idea in a book but if you are not willing and ready to listen then you won't get any answer. For now don't try too hard, simply be happy that you have put your desires out there.

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