So, it's over three years on since the hit dvd 'The Secret' took the world by storm. Can you remember your first viewing of the movie? For many people it was a highly memorable occasion and for some, life changing. Many people finished watching 'The Secret' with renewed optimism and hope for life.

Disappointingly for many however was their inability to transfer that intial burst of enthusiasm and energy into an actual real sustained assault on using the law of attraction in everyday life. In fact the vast majority of people are unable to make the secret work in their favour, particularly after just a few goes trying to do so. If this sounds like you do not be dis-heartened or despondent. Rather like learning a new language, it is a gradual process, of course you wil make mistakes but that doesn't mean you give-up, you just keep trying adjusting your approach until you get the results you are looking for. If it's not working for you right now then maybe it is that you just need some more practice.

I realize that may sound a touch patronizing, to say, 'be positive', 'do not give up' and so on, particularly when the state of the planet today leads us to think more of failures than successes, what with the state of the world economy, natural disasters and mindless acts of violence that we so often read about these days.

Of course if your thoughts and feeling are reflecting these bad times then that is what you are going to draw towards you. So what is the real answer? How can I make the secret, positive thinking and the law of attraction work for me even after all of this time?

Well, here are a few tips as to how to do so:

Stop, stopping yourself from receiving

So rather than using the law of attraction, positive thinking and the secret as some unique magic wand, treat it as a simple effective process that you have to go through in order to obtain your desires. Look at it that way and you will get there a good deal quicker.

By: Tim Ryan
Trainer on the power of positive thinking

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