Our world is beautiful, full of power and promise. However, many of us who come into this world with magical knowledge are slowly conditioned (or brain-washed) into believing that the only way to live fully is to unconditionally surrender to an invisible God.

Nothing is further than the truth. This invisible energy that permeates every atom in the Universe is also present in us. And the spirits that reside in us are equally powerful at directing the energy to manifest changes that we desire in our life. In other words, our spirits have the power to create our future without the "control" of any other entity in this world. However, we are not alone in this creation. We can co-operate with other entities and elements and ask for their assistance and guidance just as a child learning to walk asks an adult for help. Even without the adult's help, she may be able to walk, but it may take some more time, that's all!

Magick is the practice of using all of our powers to create changes in the Universe. As most of us know, these changes can be beneficial to everyone or may even harm everyone. Since the Universe is also a living, thriving, conscious entity and a sum total of all the energy that is present, it balances the negative energy by sending it back to the source it came from. Magick has been around since humans appeared on Earth. It is the most natural way of thinking and creating the world around us. Magick spells are personalized attempts to use our own energy in order to achieve our goals. It is the imposition of human will on nature. Just as our mind creates energy, words (sounds), objects, chants, movements (dancing) etc can add to the power of the spells. To cast spells, we need to know:

1. The end goal
2. The path to get to it.

The best way to find the path to our goals is to sit down and meditate about it. For example, Love is desired by almost everyone on earth. But the "definition of love" varies widely. Let's assume that we are doing a love spell. The first thing to do is to write down your thoughts on what your future needs to be. You can imagine even the tiniest details and make your own plan. The best way to get into the realm of creation is to meditate. To enable us to enter that deep meditative state, we can use the help of many items such as candles,

Many of the objects we see around us, especially the natural ones, are full of energy and power that we can use in our spell. The celestial bodies including the Moon and the Sun, planets and stars are all here to help and guide us in our journey. So we can create a ritual that enhances our experience and establishes our intentions more powerfully by just including these entities in our spell plan.

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