The Theosophical Society has its name from the Greek theo-sophia, literally divine wisdom. Theosophical Society has its root back to the first few centuries Christianity era of Gnosticism. Theosophy speaks in glowing term of Gnosticism which thrived and almost succeeded in doing irreparable damage to early Christian faith.

Transcendental Meditation has been teaching that TM is the core of all religions. Christians should no longer be confused and lost in the Biblical teaching. What Jesus says "the Kingdom of God is in you" or "Who ever sees me has seen the Father too" are meant for meditation.

Unification church or the Moony was established by a Presbyterian believer Sun Myung Moon. In 1945, Moon claimed he received a vision that Jesus paid a respect by bowing and praising him as the greatest teacher in the world. He interpreted the Bible to suit his own wish from the first book to Revelation.

I will not include Seven Days Adventist in the list because they have made some changes and accommodate vital Biblical teachings in to church recently

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