The world of dreams is truly fascinating and mysterious. Dreams are said to hold many different meanings, while some dreams could be expressions of your subconscious desires, others could either offer solutions to life's complex problems through visual imagery or may even indicate a future event or happening.

Nightmares on the other hand are often attributed to our hidden fears or troublesome memories of the past. Whatever meaning you chose to believe in, but to be able to de-code dreams you must first remember them. Most of us forget our dreams soon after we get up in the morning. The following tips however, will be able to help you remember and recall them.

Maintain a dream journal: Keep a journal by your bedside and make it a point to write down your dream the moment you get up. You may feel too lazy to do it in the beginning, but remember a little bit of self-discipline will help you form a very useful habit.

Listen to subliminal messages:

Use subliminal messages to train your mind to be aware that you will be dreaming as you are falling asleep; this helps you to be aware of them dream during, and afterwards you will remember more efficiently.

When you are dreaming, it's your subconscious mind that's active. Subliminal messages have the power to influence and re-program the subconscious. These messages whether in the form of text, video or audio have the power to influence and re-program the subconscious mind. The most commonly used instruments for transmitting subliminal messages are audio cds.

Dreams are like stories that the subconscious weaves for us every night, if the conscious mind could remember these tales in the vivid detail they were told, unlocking the mysterious world of dreams would become easier.

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