Mode of Cosmic Therapy School of Esoteric Arts and Sciences has vast unrelenting ever expanding swirling twirling parallel universe, where you, as a human being, are not restricted, restrained or reserved for an arbitrarily designed 'flesh and bone' existence, I celebrate your decision of self-liberating unbounded joy and incomparable pleasure which has landed you on MODE of Cosmic Therapy School of Esoteric Arts And Sciences page.

The probability of your landing here is mind-boggling (to say the least) when one considers the amount of sites existing on the vast INTERNET. With that steadily rising incalculable figure in mind, I beseech you to "pay attention' to where your core is leading you. Because you have sought, asked, dreamed, read, studied, prayed and pushed your way beyond the boundaries of everyday 'normal' existence, not settling for those traditionally accepted ideas/notions/opinions of others, you are ready to expand the parameters of your 'known' self. Wow!

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