Creating YOU

Now is the present moment of the ever effervescent encompassing past, future on multi-level universal layers in reality. With the imploded mystical understanding in knowing that everything in the universe is connected without boundaries or restraints; you are able to create what you will, how you will, when you will and where you will. No more complaining, whining moaning, groaning or pretending your life is not exactly and precisely how you want and need it for the moment of experience of it.

YOU are the exponential movement in an ever expanding potential of boundless vibrational sea of energy. Infused in this primordial sea, the ever present consciousness is aware of all the experiences needed and desired. No matter how the occurrence appears and plays out, it KNOWS! These events, whether construed as bad or good are, in fact vitally necessary for the fulfillment of one's "ruthless earth experience craving" soul.

Nothing could be more exciting and exhilarating than the idea of you meeting you for the first time. You are experiencing you on a level (plane) 'not yet ventured into' by you. MODE of Cosmic Therapy renders to you that path of your own unfolding in magnificent splendor. You have made the conscious decision (though the greater part of yourself decided long before you did) to leave behind all that is familiarly condescending. You have chosen to merge the two divergent lines of thought/emotion in you and replace it with what is/has been/ and shall forever be essential.

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