sexuality art

What an immeasurable delectable indescribable sensual divinely sexual artistic path lay before you to experience without limitation and condemnation. Other than the chosen delights of your soul's deepest yearnings, no other way could you have found your place in the here and now on this day at this hour reading these pertinent liberating words?

Sublime words yielded for your growth and expansion! (Irresistible words you've desired to incorporate if they be true, relevant and applicable to your particular life.) Yes. You have arrived. Yes, it is blood to your veins and marrow to your bones. Undeniably, you are ready to move into another sphere (dimension) of your earthbound self.

Mode of Cosmic Therapy invites you to express and enjoy your deepest desires in ways 'yet to be envisioned.' Mode of Cosmic Therapy reemphasizes the unbounded truth: Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind. You are about to embark upon the spiritual ledge of implicitly ungoverned unedited sexual bliss. The transcendent divine impetus has driven you to a point of no return whereby you will continue to unfold in multifarious colors, designs, and patterns, with intoned musical resonances swirling unceasingly in incomparably imagined sensual sounds of inexpressible glory.

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