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Everything that existed in this universe had a spirit e.g human, animal, plants, sun, earth, planet even this universe. For each all of their spirit had a difference power and influence one each other, with the result of that a great amazingly harmonize to be created.

In this universe only one kind of the spirit was known, thats no wonder if rarely we hear or read about any Hero or Master used the power spirit of … e.g kind of animal, sun, earth or the other things. And sure it could be happened if we can exploit that power spirit.

Magic Spells
Magic spells worked in spirits dimension, as you know the spirit very influences the body or soul (read: “Body, Soul and Spirit”). If we used that spell make sure that ;
  • Speak that magic spells with all of your heart
  • Concentration, Focus and aim for what you want
  • Believed it can be done, because we’re followed some ritual and condition to make our spirit more power influence.
From the experience, if you was followed once from many conditions, it could be doing well for all of magic spells that need that term.
e.g You have the ritual of Mutih and Patigeni for Loves spells done, you don't need them for sixth senses spells again. Just followed some conditions you're not doing yet. With an exception of your sixthsenses spells wasn't succeed, you must followed that ritual needs again

I really strong suggested that you used this spell with all of your respect and followed term of condition that needed.

One more important thing, I’ll pass all of responsibility that could be happened for use this Magic spells.

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