The Will is invoked through a very strong self worth NOT ARROGANCE! The folding and merging of the Planes to obtain the Result is mostly a personal thing and involves the Dream and Vision of the Practitioner.

Once the Result is rendered, a thanks giving prayer is given to YOUR Inner Self that acknowledges the Event. It may not be a bad idea to thank all the Powers that YOU are still alive.

An interesting fact is that the other YOU may want you to assist in to send Events TO the Other World at some later time. You will have to comply when the time comes.

Be sure to write the session into your Grimoire as soon as you can. You need to record the fact of the Event and all that lead up to the Result. Put special care to record the Cost of the Event and Result.

This is done so that YOU can review the elements, and their cost. This done so that if you need to perform the Event again you will have all the facts.

Be nice to your Inner Self and give as much as you can afford. Be true to your Craft and Respect it all times. Show proper respect to ALL of those that helped in bringing about the Result. This can take the form of simple prayer or just a kind thought acknowledging the gift and and Knowledge.

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