Our memories, imagination and explorations into the unknown as children are still within us, we have to learn to tap into them and see once again through the eyes of a child. The mystery, the beings and the magic that once came so naturally to us is still alive within us, it is a sleeping giant and to rouse it from it's slumber is to awaken our spirit to a whole new world. A world unhindered by the restraints of time, the programming of society and the fear of the unknown.

When we have the blessing of touching those moments, we have within our grasp one of the greatest gifts we could ever hope to receive. The world opens up, as does our soul and then we realize in the simplicity of the moment that the grand secret of understanding has been right in front of us and within us all along, all we had to do was awaken it.

Magic lives and our inner child can be awakened... Rouse it and you will see the magic that resides in all places and you will know that to understand about the Witch within us, we must watch the children and learn from them.

Some say live in the present but sometimes I think, we must go back before we can go forward. Magic is everywhere all we have to do is open our eyes to see it.

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