When difficult to describing meditation comes, then you will fall into a strange state where you actually like having your mind silenced like that. You can remain in that state for an enormous amount of time and you will actually cause yourself to lose the feeling of your entire body. You won't fall asleep but rather you will become more and more aware of thoughts that you never thought you had.

Simply continue to eliminate them and continue. These are the following changes you will observe if all is going well. It will take less and less time for you to achieve the above mentioned meditation state I have explained.

  • You will actually enjoy going into this state.
  • You will revive in this state in a heightened mental state.
  • You will find it easier to concentrate on just about anything.

Eventually you will arrive to the point that you can no longer eliminate any additional thoughts in your head. This is the state you are wanting. I'd like to say what can happen from that point, but that's material for another article. 99% of the general public will not be able to do this so if you find you are struggling or you are unable to quiet your mind, maybe you ought to try some other hobby like windsurfing or skydiving.

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