Here are the following steps to performing this type of meditation.

1. Find a quiet uninterrupted area. Outside locations and libraries are horrible because weather changes and libraries have operation hours. I recommend a bedroom where no one really comes in or out very much.

2. Lay flat on your back on the floor. Keep your hands by your sides. This is a great position because your body parts have a minimized risk of falling asleep and you will hopefully be uncomfortable enough to keep from falling asleep. Falling asleep means you aren't doing what you need to do.

3. Close your eyes and steady your breathing to a slow rhythmic rate. Relax yourself and make your body go still. Being unable to remain still, like having a drug problem or ADD will prevent you from going past this point. I recommend quitting drugs and seeking medical help if you can't keep your self still. If you can get yourself to become extremely still then you are ready to go to the next step. I recommend practicing keeping yourself still until you can do it for a large amount of time like an hour or so.

4. If you can manage to still your body, you will notice that your mind wanders. You'll start to do what most people do, you'll daydream about other parts of your life, you'll worry, you'll think of some significant other. At this point you want to force yourself to think of absolutely nothing. A method I was taught was to imagine the inside of your eyes as being a black screen. Nothing is on it and nothing is moving. Picturing other things in your head like other colors or shapes will only cause delays. Continually concentrate on that black screen and keep it black and featureless.

5. As you are keeping your mind blanked out, imagine the continual unending whistle of a train whistle in your head at the same time. Keep it going and do not stop the sound or lose the black image in your head. Remain in this state as long as you can muster. If you are doing it right, I doubt you can stay like that for more than five minutes starting out. Each day you practice, you will get better and better at it.

So, what will happen then is difficult to describe. Let’s go find out here.

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