Witchcraft View

Saturday, October 18, 2008

There is a light that shines in everyone, and mine was buried amid the constraints of traditional religion until I discovered witchcraft. Becoming a Wiccan wasn't a difficult choice for me despite my years as a Baptist. I found like I was home finally because within witchcraft exists the duality of religion and science. When practiced in unity, the two come together for a seamless religion that brings fulfillment and joy to the practitioner.

As a witch or a wiccan, I follow a path that is built on what seems so natural to me. Harm none. The same as love thy neighbor as they self basically. I worship according to the Wiccan theory of mother-maiden-crone. It is nearly similar to the father-son-and holy spirit theory. The difference? I am not bound other interpretation of what Deity means or what Deity meant. I can see the Goddess as a tree, nurturing and giving or as the howling wind carrying the seeds of flowers for creation of new life.

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