I can see the cycle of life in the seasons not just new life born or death. I can feel that I have a right to ask questions of Deity. I was always told as a Baptist not to say why me Lord. In witchcraft, no one has told me I can't question my circumstance. This religion tells me I can talk things out with Deity and ask for a reversal of fortune. I don't have to just accept what I get as a matter of life course. I have the tools in the science to seek the change to be pro-active. I can in other words, have a little bit of the paradise now.

As a Baptist I feared going to hell for my sins, despite being told God was a forgiving God. I understood that I could be forgiven, but I believed I had to be punished. Do some sort of community service for my sins. In witchcraft, I don't automatically think of punishment when I screw up. I ask for forgiveness, and I don't look for the slap down. I believe my Goddess is an understanding and forgiving Goddess. She knows I'm going screw up. She knows my nature.

I feel free as a Wiccan. I know that the Goddess meant for me to use the tools of my religion to make my life what I want it to be. Those same tools are there to help me accept what I can't change. There is destiny and there is passive acceptance. And those things that are meant to be will happen, but that doesn't mean I have to passive wait for what is meant to be.

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