There's differential of direction, positions and placed on Hong Shui:

  • A direction was connected with that entire thing e.g. Front door had the North East directions.
  • A Position was connected with that placed thing e.g. If your home had the North East directions then possibly way your front door had to the North East directions. Also possibly that the front door had to the East directions, while the home’s still had the North East directions; it means the front door has 45 degrees at an angle.

Choosing the direction on the right positions is important thing in Hong Shui, that’s why we need something like compass. Compass that was used on the Feng Shui called Luo Pan. Luo Pan is the Compass with a ring that will tell you about the meaning contained for all the directions that aimed.

If don’t have Luo Pan, you can using the usual compass and manage your home directions with Pa-Kua Lo-Shu (Good and bad directions and positions with aimed of Year of the birth). But if you want to using Fey-Xin analyze, then you must using Luo Pan for.

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