This love spells has amazing power if doing for the right, because this process used our spirit at the spirit dimension and then come into the person who destination for. It could be amazing influence for their spirit, especially if they don't have fully faith.

Ritual that must be followed

This love spell must be spoken at around 24.00 midnight on the centre place that don’t have a roof. Make the face aim direction to the home life/place that their live. Try to make an image of their face as real as you can. For better, you can use their picture for imagination.

Spoken the love spells below with all of your heart:
Destiku si Kinjeng mas
siro ingsun kongkon
lebonono guwo garbane si............ (sebut namanya)
yen ketemu melek oyag-oyagen
yen ketemu turu gugahen
marase atine temokno karo atiku
jleg mati...
wurung mati sido edan... wurung edan sido ngomyang
ora mari yen ora ingsun kang marekake
rasaku karo rasamu dhuwur rasaku
rohku karo rohmu dhuwur rohku
kamaku karo kamamu dhuwur kamaku

In English spoken:

My desti Kinjeng Mas
I order you
To come into the heart of …………… (spoken their name)
If you’ll see their up… shake it
If you’ll see sleep… wake up
Not to die yet become crazy… Not to crazy yet become dazed
My feel compares with yours, higher mine
My spirit compares with yours, higher mine
My Kama compares with yours, higher mine

For your important notice, please be respect with this spells. Only using this love spells for kindness, means… use for the person that you want to be the couple in live

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