Generally love spells was used for one person as destination like spells of Jaran Goyang or Semar Mesem (Popular spells in Java, Indonesia), But this spells has differently, they has universal function and destinated for general people around.

There is no wonder that man who used this spells generally came for attract the public.

Ritual must be followed:

Then spoken this Magic spells

Kun Payakun, yo aku utusaning Allah
sing diarani Allah nonoman sejati
seksi Allah, bumi Allah
maniku barlean, lambeku sasiyung mas
rambutku perak
Wong sabuono podho asih andeleng badan sliraku
soko kersaning Allah
Spoken the magic spells above when enter in the crowd around, especially become their leader

In English meaning:
Kun Payakun…
I’m the messenger of God
That called the real person
Witness of God… Earth of God
My hair is silver
Love will came from people around the world
See it my spirit and my human body

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