Count of Primbon that often used is adding value of Neptu hari (day) and Pasaran (Week on Java). Then their sum used as guide for the next step.

We can take Neptu Tuesday Wage as example:
Tuesday Wage has the sum
Tuesday (3) + Wage (4) = 7
So guiding number for Tuesday Wage are 7.

From that guiding number then often the Count of Primbon was taking as Step for Action.

e.g.: Some one want to changing their home on Tuesday Wage.
For changing home Primbon have a sequence step:

We was knew that Tuesday Wage has the sum = 7

Step for Action using on the right order
1 = Kerto
2 = Yoso
3 = Rogoh
4 = Sempoyong
5 = Kerto
6 = Yoso
7 = Rogoh

We can take the summary for that case:
Some one who want to changed their home on Tuesday Wage has Rogoh as Step of Action, that means they will often loose or be stolen from thieve.

Step of Action always differently for all of the case.

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