Magic Spells Semar Mesem

Mantra Semar Mesem (Smile of Semar) spells is very popular in East Asia, specially in Java, Indonesia. This spells used for make a man or women who you want become crazy in love with you without any conditions although she hate you. Even could be saying “More hate it, more love it”. Because of this spells tie their spirit into yours (Spells working)

Although some many people know this Magic Spells but very rarely who know it exactly.

Some ritual that must be followed

Ritual of Mutih - 7 days and 7 nights
Ritual of Patigeni – 1 day and night
Started at Selasa Kliwon - see Calendar of Java
Spoken that spells before going to the bed

Magic Spells of Semar Mesem that was spoken:
Ingsun amatak ajiku si Semar Mesem
Mut-mutaku Inten,
Cahyaku manjing pilinganku kiwo tengen
Sing nyawang kegiwang
Opo maneh yen sing nyawang kang tumancep
Kumanthil ing telenging sanubariku
Yo iku si jabang bayi …… (spoken their name)
Wis tentu teko welas asih maring badan sliraku
Saking kersaning Allah

In English meaning:
I was spoken the magic spells of Semar Mesem
My diamond chewy
My light will pass by left then right of my head
Who saw will be loved
Else who will deepest adhering in my heart?
Hi… spirit of ……….
Absolutely you’ll love and passions become to me and my body
Cause of God giving

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