Don’t you ever felling like unusual, or the people that you know then over react and become under control? If meet that situation you must logic, prepared and be careful. Who knows this situation happened because of influenced from the spirit dimensions that came from other people. It’s not to be worried if happened just a moment. But need attention more if got for a long time.

After check your condition in Psychiatric if necessary and before received some treatment from shamans, indigenous or other kind, you can use this own spells as anti spells for avoid another spells that was got you.

For your attention, the most important think for spoken all kind of the magic spells is build your self confidence that you can do that, and totally entrust your body to the God because the spirit of God more biggest then any spirit in this universe even their become united. Going this attitude then you can feel that spirit of God will be united with you and protect your human body, Read our article before about principle of Magic spirit and Body soul and the spirit for understanding magical system

Condition must be followed for using this anti spells not too difficult, this is the way:

  • Be patient
  • No mischievous
  • No jealousy
The basic of this conditions is your spirit must be cleaned as much as you can.

For strongest your confidence, spoke this spells:
Allahumma kulhu balik
bolak balik kesumpet
aku dipanggawe wong sadino ping pitu ora tumomo
balia marang kang manggawe olo
li bali soko karsaning Allah

In English meaning:
God wish kulhu balik
will be cork then back again
Evil spirit that influenced seven times a day surely can’t be touch me
Back to the maker
Back with the will of God

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