Although at this time the world has entered the millennium age, will be ignored that the world magic, klenik continued to influence the living trip of humankind.

Precisely very surprising if at this time had the person that did not know what the possessed is. As being known by us that this phenomenon (did not know why...) in this time often happened, in fact that experienced the possession not only one person... but in fact dozens of people were affected that his name this possession at the same time.

The mass possession could happen because indeed many matters, but anything his reason that was clear epidemic this began to become again an epidemic in Indonesia.

That was the question how if that struck the family, our closest person, the neighbors or who that was in and around us? whether our action?
If you the follower understanding of the "Silence Is Gold", then how in a luminous manner we?

Actually we could also cure the person who experienced this possession; the origin with the conviction was full that the spirit of humankind was the spirit who was taller than the creature anything in the invisible dimension.

To do this matter you only must do ritual simple, must be recorded that ritual along with this must not be done when having the person of the possession, because of could be imagined, wanted for healing the person of the possession must be waiting several days.
Ritual really was carried out by one time; whenever you were ready and the spell thus could you read like that encountered this incident:

Ritual that must be carried out:
Do not sleep for 2 nights and days
Started on Tuesday Kliwon -
See: Calendar of Java

When meeting the person that the possession read this spell with the sharp view to the side of the person that this possession:

Bardanas burdikas Sulaiman
Bardanas bardanus wa'angudubilahi minasaetonirojim
lailahailalah Mohamad Rosulolah

Blew their up head each was finished spoken the spell above and repeated until 3 times.

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