Had you seen a so skilled Orator, the man who was spoke so great in the forum?

So as despite many people who were present, if he spoke then the other person as though falling silent and only could nod, in fact you knew after the orator went audience that listen to earlier began grumble and showed not in the same direction they against what was discussed by this Orator.
Don’t you knew that there is one spell that worked so great for these interests, in the Javanese social circle magic spells that was known by the name of the Bangotontong, Bango tontong personally in significant Indonesian the name of the animal from the kind of Heron birds.

Unexplained clearly why this spell was named Bangotontong, possibly because of the heron has a big mouth and “pocket_ly” (Indonesian: ngantong) so as this spell reader will have the big mouth and reverberate, possibly then. I did not know exactly, what the certain reason.

Definitely not all the orators and the great speaker used this spell, but because this spell exist since our ancestors beforehand and possibly still exist until now, it was not impossible this spell was still being used.

To carry out Spell of Bangotongtong, Ritual that must be filled:
Ritual Nglowong - 3 days 3 malam
Started ritual on Saturday Kliwon - See: Calendar of Java

When gathering with many people and you had an interest in carrying out e.g. the oration, the debate, was in a meeting, the presentation, or anything that was connected with intention delivery, then; this is the magic spell of bangotongtong that must be spoken:
Ingsun amatak ajiku si bangotontong
methongkrong tan biso ngucap sakabehing wong podho pitong
aku dewe kang mencorong biso ngomong

In English:
I stuck my charm the bangotontong
Sat idle; if said everyone would being expressionless
I… myself who shone could speak

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