Primbon, javanesse horoscope
The meaning & technique

Primbon, very popular for javanesse people in Indonesia. It’s a book, contain many aspects of out live. For example about horoscope, fortune, good days, bad days, healing, mantra, magic, etc.

The famous use of primbon is horoscope. Using very complex analogy of prediction, primbon use Neptu (point based on day and weton; weton is another simply called pasaran, javanesse day that repeat every 5 days) technique.

The simpler Neptu calculation uses only the Masehi and Pasaran elements in the calculation and is mostly used on a day-to-day basis in Indonesia to help translate dreams, visit friends, buy a bird and so on. For example, bad days for traveling would be Sunday Paing, Saturday Pon, Friday Wage, Tuesday Kliwon, Monday Legi and Thursday Wage. Worst days for traveling would be Wednesday Legi, Sunday Paing, Thursday Pon, Tuesday Wage and Saturday Kliwon.

From Primbon we can find the meaning of our name, our good days, our bad days and about our health in the future. Another instance of using Javanese Primbon is in the calculation of a favorable date to get married. Each spouse’s Weton is calculated. To make things a little more complicated, Javanese months and years are also used in the calculations and finally the spouses’ names are analysed and become part of the final result. As you may easily imagine, the calculations can become quite complex with so many factors being taken into account.

In it not uncommon in Indonesia to know one’s Weton but to only have an idea of one’s birthdate. From the Weton and the month and year of birth we can find the exact birth date.

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