helion melion tetragrammaton

This Gnostic mantra is perhaps the strongest one I have encountered to dispel any heavy, dark, evil or uncooperative forces that could detract from a meditative practice. Saying it three times and envisioning a counter-clockwise rotation in the mind will wipe out anything sinister or nefarious that is currently standing in your way.

om bhur bhuvas suvar maha

According to Indian scholar Eknath Easwaran, these powerful words constitute the vyahritis, pronounced by every brahmin at the beginning of prayers. It refers to an intention to include earth, sky and heaven - essentially all the divisions of manifested reality. The Taittiriya Upanishad, a Hindu scripture, states:

chanting bhur, you become one with fire
chanting bhuvas, you become one with air
chanting suvar, you become one with the sun
chanting maha, you become one with the Lord

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