Mantras such as AUM are primordial sounds that emerge from the Void and the endless expanse of that which lies unmanifested. The opening lines of the Gospel of St. John the Beloved resonate with this truth: "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

The interesting thing is that the force of the mantra is cumulative which means that the more the mantra is articulated, the more powerful it becomes cosmically and in your personal sphere of life. Mantras are particularly helpful tools in the early stages of awakening to spiritually empower oneself. As life continues within the concentric energies of mantra, the user will be able to discern subtle variations in power and will be able to duly respond.

The mantra's force is multiplied exponentially if it is uttered with complete focus and concentration upon the task in a meditative fashion. Even though, simply uttering the words in an ignorant manner do bring about shifts in consciousness, the results are always limited. When we chant with pure hearts, we manifest the unseen and the unheard (the forces of the universe, cosmic energy, God, good vibes whatever you wish to call It).

Mantra is the manner to directly connect with that power and that fact has been recognized since time immemorial, when words were used not just to convey a particular literary meaning as they do today but to specifically manifest a force of nature, a heightened state of consciousness, a connection with the divine simply uttering the Word would draw this force out into our world.

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