learn exploration tarotTarot cards offer the reader a chance to glimpse into the future in an unusual personal ritual. However, the stereotype of a gypsy divining the future is not where Tarot begins or ends. It is merely one aspect to a complex and diverse world.

Tarot offers choices upon which decisions can be based. Add to this the application of numerology, astrology, the tree of life for those who study and understand this subject. The possibilities are endless.

Although shrouded in mystery, Tarot is rich in symbolism, geometric patterns, colors, angels, animals, mythological images. The many colorful decks available today are themed with various images, from the classic Rider Waite deck to the colorful oracle type decks such as the Faerie Oracle. The most popular cards share a common theme. They inspire the reader's imagination. This really is where the value of tarot lies.

Most decks echo the rich symbolism of the Rider Waite deck, being variations of that theme. These decks inevitably reflect the values and times which they grew from - a Victorian England. Many images in the Rider Waite deck refer to a medieval European view of the world, as interpreted by the Victorian authors of the deck. Some more modern decks offer themes which may be more relevant to the reader, dependant on their own cultural standpoint.

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