om ah hung

This is another appropriate mantra to begin any session with. It is a Tibetan vajrayana mantra used to purify mind, speech, and body. As you recite it, visualize the syllable om at your third eye, ah at your throat and hung at your heart. It is recommended to recite it at least 108 times, which is a sacred number in Tibetan lore.


This simple mantra is actually the progenitor for the more commonly recited om. It has its origin in the holy scriptures of India. The Prashna Upanishad
best captures its essence:

AUM has three sounds. Those who meditate on A come back to earth to lead a life full of faith and love. Those who meditate on the first two sounds, A and U, go to the lunar world, full of pleasure from which they come back cloyed to earth again. But those who meditate on A, U and M are led to the sun, where freed from sin, as a snake sheds its skin, they see the supreme Lord, who lives in all.

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