tarot adventurePicture yourself as the Fool at the Tarot. In this case a Fool isn't someone stupid or immature; a Fool in the Tarot means innocence. See his happy face, untouched by the disappointments of life and ready to embrace everything that comes his way. Take this part for yourself. Then, as you progress through the cards let the journey become your story.

Write down what is happening as you travel through the Major Arcana. Let your imagination run wild. This could be your own personal story or you might publish it and see it become a best seller. You are limited only by your own imagination.
Spread out the other 56 Tarot cards. As you journey they become your warehouse. This is where you go to get the supplies you need for different stages of your adventure.

Do you need the Wealth of Pentacles, or the passion of cups? Will you meet a king? Do you need weapons or inspiration? Again let your imagination run wild and free.

By the end of your journey and you will be sorry to see it end, you will have an intimate knowledge of the Tarot cards. You will have sympathy and understanding surpassing by far anything a book or tutorial can possibly give you.

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